why do we run the tours via public transportation ?

 To begin with, one of the main reasons why people should visit Istanbul with ‘’Real Istanbul Tours’’ is that people who love eating, dancing, having a lot of experiences, learning about new cultures can help expand people’s horizon.  If you want to have an amazing trip without any of troubles you may look for local guides. Our local guides can be your map. There is no doubt that, visitors always wondering about transportation. Because Istanbul has a lot of public transportation like bus, metro, ferry etc. However, this is not such a big deal with our local guides. Visitors can benefit from our local guides which they always have solutions.  Real Istanbul Tour’s local guides always can help how can use transportation, how can go from place to place. For instance, you can buy an Istanbul card just pay 10 Trl. In order to avoid the traffic jam, our local guides prefer to use public transportation instead of a car which is the best way to explore the city with buses, ferries, metros…   Therefore, ‘’Real Istanbul Tour’s local guides offer you having an amazing trip in terms of going somewhere easily and interaction with the local people.

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