Where To Stay In Istanbul



In a city of 20 million individuals with more than 10 million visitors per year, housing 5000 square kilometers, where to stay in Istanbul is a question that we are being asked all the time. Our local experts prepared am neighborhood guide to the best places to stay in Istanbul.

where to stay in Istanbul
where to stay in Istanbul

1- Galata District ( Karakoy, Galata )  Top Choice of Local Experts

This is definitely our top choice for the people ask where to stay in Istanbul. Symbolized by its Genoese Tower which was erected in the 14th Century. Galata district has become really popular with the artistic society. There are various little bistros, designer stores, alongside a lot of retailers focused on musical equipment.

The Galata area is a historical crossroads from the beginning, earliest a Genoese district then populated with the Arabs And Jewish people that escaped from Spanish Inquisition that you can see the remains of these cultures on every corner of the Galata.

Together with an excellent environment and architectural charm, this neighborhood’s great benefit is its specific location. Situated in the Beyoglu area you may get immediately the Sultanahmet Old town where the top sites of the city are located,  through the Galata Bridge ( less than 20 minutes or via tram in 5 minutes ).

Very Closed to the Istiklal Avenue, Galata bridge and Spice Bazaar, Galata District is definitely the best option for those who like to visit top sites and don’t want to stay in touristic part of the city also like to explore the restaurants, cafes, shops that locals like to go.

Another great point of Galata District having the pier that ferries that go to Asian Side of Istanbul ( Kadikoy ) where you can observe the local life of Istanbul too.

2- Sultanahmet, Old Town

The main advantage of staying in a hotel in Sultanahmet is unquestionably its proximity to important visiting the attractions like the Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, etc. All of them are within walking distance to the most of the lodges around this area. The disadvantage of staying in Sultanahmet is that Old Town will become a quite lifeless area the moment it gets dark. At night the streets are all empty and nightlife is quite boring too.

If you are someone looking for a convenient place to see historical sites, museums. Sultanahmet is a great place to stay in with a peaceful atmosphere. If you are someone looking for what locals eat, drink, like to do then look other options.

3- Sirkeci ( Very Close to the old Town ) For Many Locals it is a better place to stay comparing to Sultanahmet

There are lots of places to stay in Sirkeci, Sirkeci is just next to the Sultanahmet and in walking distance to all major sites again. The advantage of Sirkeci compare to Sultanahmet, You are also in a walking distance to Galata bridge and Golden Horn that let you have the view of Bosphorus Bridge, Asia, Marmara Sea and more…

4- Taksim ( Party District )!!!! Not Tarlabasi !!!!!

Taksim is the heart of the Istanbul city. All the time packed, you may get anywhere in the city by public transportation to explore the city conveniently. In the event you stay in Taksim you’ll be not far from all the attractions of the city, and some of the nightlife of the city

Numerous places to stay are situated in the limit of Tarlabasi, WE DO NOT advise this neighborhood since it is a little bit notorious as well as being having renovation.

The Asmalimescit, Pera and also Nevizade neighborhoods are ideal for ones looking to party and having no worry about being disturbed by sounds. You can find a significant number of bars, eating places and clubs in Beyoglu.

5- Asian Side Of Istanbul, Kadikoy ( For one of tour guide, Emre Kadikoy is the best place to stay in Istanbul )

If you are arriving at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, it may be little difficult to reach this neighborhood compare to many other places but If you looking for an authentic stay in Istanbul, Kadikoy is a heaven for you with all local restaurants, cafes, shops. You can get a ferry ride easily to the old town. If you are planning to stay in Istanbul more than 4 days, definitely do it.

With its extensive history, Istanbul offers a lot of sites that will take you back to old times. The best way to appreciate all these is definitely taking an Istanbul city tours under the guidance of a licensed tour guide. Real Istanbul Tours is ready to make your vacation more enjoyable. For Further details about our Istanbul tours at

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