What Language Is Spoken In Turkey

What language is spoken in Turkey is one of the most frequently asked questions in our Istanbul Tours. A long time of interaction with the number of different cultures has made their mark on Turkish demography. There are over 20 different languages spoken in Turkey. 

Turkish is the official language of Turkey in which is spoken by more than 70 million people as a first language. Additionally, it is the official language of North Cyprus. More than 95% of the Turkish people speak Turkish and the Istanbul vernacular is definitely the most common dialect. 

Where Does The Turkish Language Come From?

The Turkish language comes from Altaic language family that originated in the highlands around the Altay Mountains of Central Asia. There is also an important amount of mutual intelligibility between Turkish along with other Oghuz languages like Qashqai, Turkmen, and Azerbaijani. 

what language is spoken in turkey


Turkish Language Alphabet

The Turkish language is written with a tailored form of the Roman alphabet implemented in 1928 as a part of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s reforms to modernize Turkey. Before that, the Turkish language was written in the Arabic 

Do They Speak Arabic In Turkey

Most of the Turks can not speak Arabic. Turkish language and Arabic language are totally two different languages and member of different language families. There are a few Arabic words in the Turkish language that taken in in times of the Ottoman Empire.

There is an important Arab population in south and southeastern of Turkey that speak Arab language. Still, the Turkish language is the official language.

Turkish and Kurdish Language

The Kurds, with the population over 15 million, are the one of the largest ethnic group in Turkey. The Kurdish language is a member of the Western Iranian group of Indo-European languages. Turkish and Kurdish language are totally 2 different languages. Most of the Turks can’t speak Kurdish. As the Turkish language is the only official language in Turkey, Kurds speak both languages.






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