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What is the meaning of Blue Evil Eye ( nazar boncugu )

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 Nazar Boncuğu(evil eye), you can find almost everywhere especially in Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar.It is made of blue beads and Turkish people believes that it will protect you against chanel replica harm and the evil-eye. It is currently used as a talisman. Many oldies believed that the evil-eye superstition came from the very early times and can be found in the cultures of most countries.

 According to the shamanism of the first Turkish States in history and they believed in protecting themselves.The blue eye they believe, is in the eye of the god of thunder, and so in themselves the blue eye, protects it from evil. There is no doubt that during the tour you will see such times these eyes.In addition, nazar Boncugu bead is usually a round shape but you can see it chanel replica in different sizes and varieties. This bead can even make as a decoration in your house. Nowadays, it became as a part of people’s art and creations.

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