Visiting Istanbul During layover

Visiting Istanbul During Layover

Do you have a layover to stop at this amazing city, Istanbul? you have many options of “tasting Istanbul” even in a little time frame. visiting Istanbul during a layover

taksimvisiting Istanbul during layover


Istanbul layover tours offered all year around gives you the opportunity to hit the main sites, museums, reputable Grand Bazaar. Excursions starting from Istanbul Ataturk Airport offer you the sights in the old city in half-day tours. Getting a chance to tour Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque and Basilica Cistern. Should you arrive when the museums are closed then taking a ferry to Asian Side, exploring the local life with the local market.

Do I Need A Visa For Layover in Istanbul?

If you stay in the transit lounge, you don’t need a visa but If you like to visit the city, YES you need a visa.

You can get e-Visa 7/24 at anywhere with internet access. The travelers can get their visa after they submit the required details related to their identity, passport and travel dates and pay visa cost online. Your travel document should be valid at least 6 months on your travel dates.

How To Get From Istanbul Ataturk Airport to City Center?

There are lots of ways you can get from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to the city center, you may go by; Taxi, Tram and Metro, or Havas bus


Taxi is certainly the quickest way to get out of Istanbul Ataturk Airport though not certainly the speediest way to arrive at your desired destination. Additionally, it is not the most inexpensive way, Istanbul is a huge busy town, therefore, the traffic may be very bad sometimes especially in the rush hours. Once you go out of any terminal, there will always be lots of cabs ready to deliver you to your final destination.

Tram and Metro

The Metro operates from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul city center every 5-10 mins from 6:00 till 23:00. The Airport metro station is just a couple of minutes away from all terminals.

You need to take the Metro to Zeytinburnu metro station and transform onto the tram to arrive at the Old City, Sultanahmet, Sirkeci or Karakoy. ( Or take the metro to the last station Yenikapi and walk to the Aksaray tram station if you don’t have big luggage as it will be faster )

If you are going to Taksim, then take the metro to the last station, Yenikapi and change to the green line and get off at Taksim station.

Istanbul Stopover Tours

As The Real Istanbul Tours, we provide you to manage long stopovers at an Istanbul Airport and it actually can turn into an important part of your business traveling or an extension of your trip. Assuming that, your layover in a length good enough to give you time to tour and shop in Istanbul, The Real Istanbul Tours have got high-quality features relating that. For example, we have vans that will take you from the airport to city center. Moreover, we offer you an Istanbul old city tour or having a meal rather than wasting your time in the airport. Later we can drop you back to the airport.

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