Why you should visit Istanbul, turkey with a tour guide

Istanbul is a city of Turkey that overlaps Europe and Asia across the Bosporus Strait. The historic metropolis displays cultural influences of the many empires that once dominated right here. So you’re traveling to Istanbul and you haven’t any idea where to start. Expertise the pleasing private tours in Istanbul with a pleasant personal or local guide. Istanbul offers your private tour a wealth of historical past, but your local guide might also show you this city’s vivid city culture. Enjoy an unforgettable exclusive tour of Istanbul that suits your pursuits. Here are some great places to visit in Istanbul with your local tour guide:

Basilica Cistern:

Town’s most unexpectedly romantic attraction, the Basilica Cistern, presents an insight into the intricate procedure that once introduced drinking water into Istanbul from Thrace. Developed within the sixth century after which forgotten for centuries, the cistern that after stored the water has been outfitted with lights and track. Fish flitter across the bases of the 336 columns that support the ceiling.


Aya Sofya or Hagiasophia

After decades wherein scaffolding cluttered the interior of Emperor Justinian’s 6th century Byzantine masterwork, the thrill of being able to expertise the unique spaciousness of this famous church-turned-mosque-turned museum is difficult to overstate. Downstairs the building is basically empty; the first-class of the glittering mosaics lurk in the galleries upstairs.


Topkapi Palace:

If there may be one absolute must-see in Istanbul, it has to be the Topkapi Palace, residence to generations of sultans and their wives, who had been confined in the famous harem. A set of lavish green courtyards and tender kiosks, the Topkapi boasts a treasury to place the crown jewels within the coloration, as well as views to die for over the Sea of Marmara, Bosphorus and Golden Horn.



Blue Mosque:

facing Aya Sofya throughout a small park and mirroring its domed silhouette, the early 17th-century Blue Mosque is one in all most effective a handful of mosques on the earth to boast six minarets. Is it relatively blue? Well, no longer notably, although all of the partitions are papered with first-rate İznik tiles


Istanbul Archaeology Museums:

Visit to Istanbul’s three-in-one similar of the British Museum by way of the grounds of Topkapi Palace or by means of Gulhane Park. If time is tight, go straight to the big porticoes building housing the wonderful sarcophagus of Alexander which portrays scenes from the lifetime of Alexander the great.


Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum:

Housed in what was once at the start the palace of Ibrahim Pasha, a favorite grand vizier of Suleiman the really good, and overlooking the Hippodrome the place Byzantine fans of chariot racing once brought the equal ardor to their game as ultra-modern Turks do to soccer, this museum residences an impressive collection of significant carpets from all over the country.



The century ancient mixture of cultures additionally had a giant effect on the meals scene. In Istanbul, that you would be able to revel in distinctive cuisines, various from reliable Ottoman food, over natural Turkish food with its scrumptious mazes and meat or fish dishes, to the modern day kitchen of the West. If you still have some appetite left, through all way, try one of the Turkish cakes.


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