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Turkish Coffee History

where Coffee Came From ? 

Before we talk about turkish coffee history, maybe we should look where the coffee comes from from ?

The coffee , that has been identified in Ethiopia in the 11th Century, carries a white-colored blossom that smells just like heather as well as a violet, cherry-like berries . Previously, the leaves of the supposed “magical fruit” were boiled in streams and the ensuing drink was believed to have got curative capabilities. When the reputation of the coffee plant reached to another countries, its own centuries-long adventure was starting to commence.

Turkish Song ” Kahve Yemen’den Gelir / Coffee comes from Yemen

Coffee extended instantly throughout the Arabian Peninsula. In the middle of 14th century, coffee plant cultivation come to Yemen and then for 300 years , Yemen’s weather conditions as well as fertile land provided with the excellent circumstances for maintaining rich coffee beans harvests.

 Ottoman Empire and Turkish Coffee History

Istanbul met with coffee beans in 1555 during the period of the Sultan Suleyman the Magnificient’ governor of Yemen, who enjoyed with Coffee while performing his duty.

In the Ottoman palace a whole new technique of drinking coffee was stumbled upon: the coffee beans were roasted over a flame, carefully ground after that very slowly processed with drinking water on the ashes of a charcoal open fire. With its own recent preparing process and then flavor, coffee’s prestige easily broaden even more afield.

Coffee drinking eventually ended up being an extremely important section of Topkapi Palace’ menu and then was really popular in court. The job of Head Coffeemaker ( kahvecibaşı ) happened. The Head Coffee Maker’s assignment was to prepare the Sultan’s as well his patron’s a cup of coffee, and in addition they were picked for their fidelity with capability to store secrets. The Annals of Ottoman Empire recorded numerous Head Chiefs Coffee Makers who went up by the status to turned out to be Sadrazam or Grand Viziers to the Ottoman Sultans.



Turkish Coffeepots, Cezve

Coffee then reached from the Topkapi Palace to luxurious mansions, and then from luxurious mansions to the residences of the general public. The individuals of Istanbul naturally and quickly has been enamored with the Turkish Coffee. Greenish coffee bean were brought additionally roasted indoors on pans. The coffee beans were later ground in mortars then brewed in coffeepots named as “cezve”.

Coffeehouses, Kahvehane

The majority of the populace have become familiar with coffee by the beginning of coffeehouses; the earliest coffeehouse ( known as Kiva Han ) launched in the neighborhood of Tahtakale yet others in a short time emerged everywhere in the Istanbul. Coffeehouses and so coffee drinking custom finally became an important part of Istanbul culture; many people popped here during the day to check out novels and remarkable scripts, play the game of chess and backgammon maybe to comment on poetry and literature.

Coffee goes from Istanbul To Europe

Due to the hard work of merchandisers and so explorers who routed over Istanbul, Turkish Coffee’s consequently extended to European countries and then inevitably to the entire world.

How To Drink Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is regularly prepared from high-quality grinded coffee beans. It isn’t prepared simply by a filter yet boiled in a small coffee pot called as Cezve. Sugars and/or milk is mixed before for being boiled.
Don’t commence to sip soon after the cup of Turkish Coffee happens to be offered. Allow the sediment enough time to settle down in its own small cup prior you have your first sip.

Turkish coffee is commonly serviced with a glass of h2o. Never swallow the sediment that has came to your mouth by chance, yet to awaken and so freshen up your taste buds allowing you to get pleasure from the coffee lot better . Turks regard their coffees as a delicacy, significantly less a thing you have the entire day. A wide range of Turks drink up it after a generous supper with their family also their friends.

Where to drink Turkish Coffee in Istanbul

There are lots of places in Istanbul offers you Turkish coffee but there are some places that locals like to go for many reasons , so here are some of them.

Corlulu Ali Pasha Madrasah / Close to the Grand Bazaar and Beyazit tram stop

The time those initially emerged in Istanbul in 15h century they instantly turned out to be famous party venues for fellas: attractively ornamented kiosks with large small divans along the wall surfaces they delivered Turkish a cup of coffee with Shisha / hookah / nargile / waterpipe to get pleasure from.

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Manda batmaz / Close to Taksim Square, Istiklal Street

“The foam extremely thick that perhaps the buffalo did not really sink ,” – this is translation of name of the coffeehouse ‘Mandabatmaz’.

Fazıl Bey / Kadikoy , Asian Side of Istanbul

With the vintage melodies, old-fashioned wood made seating chairs likely kept since the opening up in 1923 and then black color and white-colored pics on the wall surfaces takes you old times. Most local says best turkish coffee in the city.

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  1. i would like to get some coffee beans, where will be the best and can i take it back ?

    1. Kurukahveci Mehmed Efendi, next to the entrance of Spice Bazaar or Egyptian Bazaar is the best for local people, yes you can take it back to home as long as it is sealed, there are some restrict by some countries for the stuff plantable, to get best information, we do recommend check your country customs

  2. Coffee definetely comes to Europe from Turks, and became very popular in Topkapi Palace

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