Istanbul, The Capital Town of Three Big Empires; Ottoman, Roman and Byzantine

With 10.000 years of historical past , culture , and customs , impressive landmarks , colorful nightlife , and even mind-blowing landscapes further more, being the only city in the world located on two continents, Istanbul is an unique city that you should not miss. As Real Istanbul Tours we prepare some itenaries that you should consider before you travel to Istanbul.


1 Day in Istanbul

Who can claim that you can not explore the Istanbul just in one day ? We can guarantee that  a single day is good enough to adore this beautiful city.

If you have only one day in Istanbul, we will definetely suggest to book Highlights Of Old Istanbul Tour that hits the hot spots of the City in 1 day in Istanbul.

By following the tour of Highlights of Old Istanbul , you are going to travel between empires with visits to the memorable and a must stops at the Hippodrome, Hagia Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern and Grand Bazaar Start : Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace

The first imperial residence in Istanbul from where the Grand Ottoman Empire was ruled. Now an astonishing museum that comes with possibly one of the biggest collections of Chinese and Japanese porcelain ceramic additionally the fairly reputable treasury of the Royal Family. It is a must do understand the history of The Turks

Ayasofya - Hagia Sophia ( A must of Tours in Istanbul )

The marvelous Byzantine Church of all times; possibly one of the greatest and most significant architectural piece of art on the earth.  A Must of all tours in Istanbul

 Blue Mosque

The most famous mosque of Istanbul from 17th century architecture is just one of the main adornments on the skyline of Istanbul . Of course well known for its cobalt blue iznikceramic tiles and so six minarets


The historic central point of sportive and political actions of Constantinople, Istanbul. You would be able to take a look at the Egyptian Obelisk, Serpentine or Snake Column from Delphi, and even fountain of Willhelm Kaisar the Second.

Basilica Cistern 

This vast, palace-like under-ground hall, covered by 336 columns in a dozen rows. Previously collected H2o supply for The Byzantime Empire' Palace is breath-taking sightseeing that lots of travel agencies skip

Grand Bazaar 

Together with the historical significance, it's a bazaar which unfortunately will tempt possibly even the nonshoppers to shop with its unique selection. It is also where most of Istanbul Tours finish


 2 Days in Istanbul

On second day ( having enjoyed the first day following the 1-day Istanbul Itenary ). We will explore the modern side of Istanbul. Though this side of Istanbul far less historic landmarks in comparison with the first day itenary, highlights of Old Istanbul , ignoring the modern part of Istanbul is likely to be a big mistake . It also offers a fair amount of must-see sights such as Dolmabahce Palace but this day itenary totally focus how is the local life in Istanbul . The modern part of Istanbul is the neighborhood north of the Golden Horn and includes boroughs like Taksim, Istiklal Street, Galata and Pera district..etc..  Start : Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace

Luxurious in its ornamental Western European architectural design and spectacular interior furnishing, Dolmabahce Palace signifies the last Ottoman sultans' wish to rebuild everything in modern and European way. The palace covers twenty-five hectares ( 62 acres ) of land fill and it has 285 rooms, 46 salons, and additionally 68 washing rooms.

Taksim Square & Istiklal Street

Taksim Square is the heart of modern Istanbul as well as being a famous gathering place for a day or rather night out. Free time in this field is generally spent on Istiklal Avenueor its narrows. It has lots of restaurants, bars, cafes..etc.

Galata Mevlevihanesi  Museum - Whirling Dervishes Lodge

Great museum to discover the life of Whirling Derwishes

Galata District and Galata Tower

Probably one of the wealthy district in the old city with the Tower who has a great wiev of the city.

Boshphorus Cruise

One of the greatest ways of getting an understanding for Istanbul should be to have a cruise on the famous Bosphorus. 1.5 h journey on the Bosphorus.

Spice Bazaar

Another Istanbul' old bazaar, similar to Grand Bazaar but smaller versionof it where you smell the high quality spices and sample yummy Turkish Delights and a lot more. Spice Bazaar is also where our Istanbul Tours ends.




These are just few tours in Istanbul, depending your preference we can tailor any itenary, we can make half days tours or add more days to your itenary. To get a personal interest from our travel experts, just contact us 

Tours in Istanbul by Real Istanbul Tours Team 

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