Top 6 Reasons To Visit Istanbul

Istanbul is equipped with everything you need: over 10.000 years of historical past, culture, and beliefs, wonderful landmarks, colorful nightlife, and unique views. This transcontinental city is a great melting pot of culture that you can’t skip. Listed below are the top 6 reasons why should you have a trip to Istanbul straight away.

Top 6 reason to Visit Istanbul



1- Istanbul has become the capital towns of three big empires: the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire. Istanbul has a very rich history, and so remains of each one of these empires are still able to be seen.

2- Istanbul is the place where The East meets with The West. This unique city blended with its historical past and occupants of different cultural past develop this metropolitan a genuine melting pot. Liberal and conservative Muslims live in peace beside each other, along with people from a dozen another religions or beliefs. Yet, each of them has only thing in common: the famous Turkish hospitality.

3- In spite of the city’s old age, happily plenty of remains of Istanbul’s ornate past stayed untouched. The cultural heritage of the city is remarkable. Who hasn’t heard about Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar and a lot more?

4- The centuries-old mix of cultures, of course, had a real impact on the food field. In Istanbul, get ready to experience distinct cuisines, varying from Ottoman foods, over traditional Turkish foods with its yummy mezes and meat or fish dishes, to the modern kitchen of the West. Should you still have got some appetite, definitely, sample one of the Turkish desserts

5- As a consequence of Istanbul’s special geographical location plenty of the leading nightlife destinations are situated by the Bosphorus or on a rooftop promoting a view of the impressive skyline. The nightlife is vivid, with a wide selection of type to attract everybody

6- You can easily go elegance and mainstream by a stop at one of the present day shopping stores reached all over the place the metropolitan. Or maybe you can look for authentic, handmade products by local designers and artisans in far less touristic areas in Istanbul.

If you want to negotiate, then the Grand Bazaar is surely shopping paradise on the earth. In addition don’t forget to get incredible spices, olives or the excellent species of nuts.
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top 6 reasons visit Istanbul, top 6 reasons visit Istanbul


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