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Stuck on an Istanbul layover at the Istanbul International Ataturk Airport in Turkey? Don’t know what to do or how to pass your time? It’s highly likely, that if you’re flying from or through the Istanbul airport, you’ll have to wait for quite some time for your next flight. The Ataturk airport is the largest airport in Turkey and is ranked amongst the top five busiest airports all over Europe. The airport is located 15 miles to the west of the main city center of Istanbul, which makes it easily accessible for those stuck at the airport for long layovers. 

There’s so much to do while you’re stuck at the Istanbul airport. If you want to relax and rest during your layover, you obviously have the option of sitting in the comfortable lounges on the airport or get a room in the International Airport hotel located within the premises of the airport, to sleep off your weariness.

Why Don’t You Check Istanbul

But if you haven’t visited Istanbul before or are going on a family trip, instead of a business one, then it is recommended that instead of wasting time while sleeping or relaxing, you should rather go for a tour of Istanbul; a city full of breathtaking architecture, diverse cultures, a variety of restaurants and thousands of shops to browse from. You can grab a cab from outside of the airport to roam around the city of Istanbul, but a cab would be more costly and hectic since you’d have to hire a different cab every time. Moreover, chances are that if you’re visiting Istanbul for the first time, you won’t even know about what places to visit. 

Keeping in mind the costly nature of hiring cabs and your limited knowledge about Istanbul city, it is better for you to hire services provided by Istanbul Tours. We give you the opportunity to turn your long, boring layovers at the Istanbul airport, to interesting and fun-filled moments of your life that you’d remember for the rest of your life.

All you need to do is, contact and inform us about your flight details so that we can send you a private van to get you picked up. According to your own personal demands, we can even arrange a private tour for you, to take you around those places of Istanbul where you’re interested to go.

We will take care of your flight timings and budget as well, while scheduling your private tour. We will provide you with guidance about the city as well, about where to get the best carpets from or from where to shop for the hand-made woven shawls. All you have to do is, get in touch with us and we will make sure to provide you with the best private tour of Istanbul city, that you won’t be able to forget for a long time.

For Stopover Istanbul Tours

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