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Spice Bazaar and Turkish Delights

The dream of visiting several different parts of the world to learn about the sort of lives people lead there is something many people among the general public share. Turkey, in this regard, is a country which a large number of people across the globe fancy for tourism. It is currently ranked the 6th most visited countries in the world. The capital city, Istanbul, is the apple of everyone’s eye due to its history, shopping centers, Turkish Delights and the fact that it holds on it, the magnificent “Spice Bazaar”.

The “Spice Bazaar” is one of the largest bazaars in the city. The wide variety of edible exotics displayed in the market manages to catch the eye of almost every tourist passerby. The easy on the eye colors and a slight scent representing high quality are able to trap several customers from all over the world every day. The spice market has had a history of an impressive 350 years.

Egyptian Bazaar

It started out as a market for Egyptian spices (hence its other name “Egyptian Bazaar”) built as an extension of the New Mosque that included scented oils, incenses, herbs and other such products. In the beginning, its revenues were just enough to support the existence of the mosque and its philanthropic departments such as the school, medical center, washrooms and the kind. It grew as a spice market so well, there was a time when it was considered to be the greatest spice venue in the medieval world. Even now, a great number of foreigners come to this humble city to buy foreign goods. Indian curry, Turkish delight, Chinese flower tea, Russian caviar and Iranian saffron are just a few of the diverse range of goods being offered.

You Will Start Cooking

 The place is considered to be dreamland for cooking enthusiasts. The brightly colored spices stacked in high mounds look simply marvelous. Even though spices are the star of the show delivered by this market, you can get a lot more from your visit. Several shops are dedicated to offering you high quality dried fruits, cheeses, sausages, jams, nuts, seeds, fish though jewelry and other high margin goods have begun to open up due to the large number of tourists. Hasırcılar Caddesi, the narrow street around the bazaar, is specifically colorful and any tourist should definitely make it on their list.
One other unique attraction of the bazaar is in fact the interaction with the people selling their goods. They consistently called out your name partly due to the way things are there and partly because of the competition in the market. It is their way of advertising what they have and if you find something you like the bargaining game is on. A smile while bargaining keeps both the ends satisfied by the end of the deal. All in all, a trip to Turkey simply would not be complete without a tour of the “Spice Bazaar” and its brightly colored streets.
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