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Spice Bazaar, A must visit with our local guides of Real Istanbul Tours

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Beauty of Colors and Spice

Turkish Delight or tea? Take your pick. Between the coffee, chocolate, nuts, spices, and the colors they are all so inspiring. Our local guides of Real Istanbul Tours always take our visitors to there in order to make feel spirit of traditions. Throughout history, a panacea dried plants, assorted herbs and aromatic herbs and spices, this is a bazaar where you meet hundreds of giant. During the tour our local guides of Real Istanbul tours can be visitors map which means in crowded bazaar our visitors can find what they need easily. Currently with the famous transfer market, medicines, spices, flower seeds, rare plant such as root and shells in accordance with the old tradition in addition to products; nuts, deli products, various food items are sold. Spice Bazaar is an essential shopping destination if you’re in the city and you’re at all interested in food. It has restaurants with a view over the Golden Horn and Galata Bridge.

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