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Turkey is a country full of adventurous places for a tourist to visit and enjoy. It not only includes spectacular architectural places to visit, but also a diversity of things to shop from, ranging from fresh dry fruits to hand woven carpets and rugs. Apart from cheap shopping and rich cuisine, Turkey offers you the chance to experience an interesting game known as “yagliguresh, Oil Wrestling. This is a traditional sport played in Turkey, which has a long millennium history to itself.


Yagli gures, traces back to the 11th century B.C., where wrestlers thought that engaging in wrestling could stop their country from being affected by bad spirits. In this specific game of oil wrestling, oil is put on each other’s body by wrestlers before the match as a sign of respect and recognition, so that no matter who wins the game, the spirit of love for each other, doesn’t die. Today’s oil wrestling games in Turkey, are extremely entertaining and interesting, which last through entire days and are a perfect spot for tourists to enjoy their stay in Turkey. Along with the wrestling game itself, tourists have the chance to enjoy live music and food stalls of divine cuisines present at the venue.

Oil Wrestling in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the few cities of Turkey, where these wrestling games are extremely famous and take place all around the year. In Istanbul, wrestlers participating in the oil wrestling sport, stay in special quarters prepared particularly for them. Two most important such quarters are located in Zeyrek and Sishane districts

In Zeyrek wrestlers also have a training school, where young wrestlers from all over Turkey come to train and prepare themselves for the yearly tournaments happening in Istanbul.

Oil Wrestling Turkey Tour

So if you’re planning to visit Turkey any time soon, as a tourist or happen to swing by because of long layovers, then the best you can do is go for a private tour of Istanbul city, where you can experience a mix of traditional and western customs and cuisines surrounding the city. But things like shopping and food is something which one does in every other country so instead of going for the usual stuff, what you can do is opt for visiting a game of oil wrestling in Istanbul.

By availing our private tour package, you can even ask us to tailor it according to your own needs. So, now you’ll have the chance of not only roaming around Istanbul by staying on your own comfort level but also visit places of your own choice such as bazaars if you’re a shopaholic or food street if you’re a foodie. But in case you’re a sports person and if you visit Istanbul during the summer season, i.e. late June or early July, then you can ask us to schedule your private tour in a way that you can attend the annual oil-wrestling competition held in Istanbul, near Edirne, Turkey, since 1346. This decade old tournament is one of the favorite tourist activities in Istanbul and missing it is not an option for any tourist out there.

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