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What Is the Istanbul Museum Pass ?

The Museum Pass is a one-time pay pass that offers you admission to top museums as well as cultural sites in Istanbul.

To explore a number of Istanbul’s top museums in a short time, with less entrance costs and fees and so short waiting queues, you better have istanbul Museum pass.

5 Days Istanbul Pass

istanbul museum pass

The 5 day Istanbul pass can be bought for 85 Turkish Lira and it is valid for one admission to all these museums within 5 days or 120 hours after the first usage of entering a museum:

  • Ayasofya ( Hagiasophia )
  • Topkapı Palace ( including Hagia Irene Museum and ****Harem****)
    Harem entrance is 25 tl now, and with Istanbul Museum Pass 5 days, it was free ( November 23, 2016 ) so the time you arrive it may change, please check the recent situation )
  • Istanbul Archeological Museum
  • Turkish & Islamic Arts Museums
  • Istanbul Great Palace Mosaic Museum
  • Chora Church Museum ( The Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora )
  • Rumeli Hisarı Fortress
  • Yıldız Palace
  • Galata Mevlevihanesi ( Whirling Dervish Hall )
  • Istanbul Fethiye Museum ( Pammakaristos Church )


The Advantages of Istanbul Museum Card

The most significant good point is the simplicity of use . You will no longer have to stand in a queue to get your entry tickets.

Since the admission to Topkapı Palace will cost you 40 trl, and to Ayasofya one more 40 Trl, and that the another museums include admission fees of 20 Trl or higher, ( Chora Museum 30 Trl, Harem Section in Topkapi Palace 25 Trl ) if you would check out the main museums in Istanbul, with Istanbul Museum pass, you will pay less.

How Much Would the Istanbul Museum Pass Cost you

The Istanbul Museum Pass fee is 85 TL per person . The pass is valid for 120 hours from the time that you first use the pass to enter a museum . But bear in mind, you may only visit all museum included with Museum Pass once.

***Each pass owes the applicant’s identify, so you could be requested to provide identification while coming in.**** with the date of November 23, 2016 Istanbul Museum Pass are anonymous but it is still better to have your identification card or its copies with you.

Entry to main museums in Istanbul for the children under 12 years old are free, so you dont have to buy a Istanbul Museum Pass for them.

Istanbul Museum Pass include Basilica Cistern ?

Museum pass unfortunately does not cover entry of Basilica Cistern

Istanbul Museum Pass include Harem ?

As a local guide in Istanbul in a istanbul tour  (date, 23rd November 2016) with Istanbul Museum pass, we entered to Harem Section without extra cost, it is better to check updated information before you arrive. you can ask under the post

Where can I get a Istanbul Museum Pass ? 

You may order it online before you arrive and you will have your Museum Pass Istanbul sent to your hotel, waiting for you and in a position to use upon your coming. It is better to ask your hotel before you purchase the museum pass istanbul.

But we do recommend to buy your Museum pass Istanbul when you arrive in following places

  • Topkapi Palace Museum
  • Ayasofya Museum
  • Chora Museum 
  • Istanbul Mosaic Museum 
  • Turkish and Islamic Arts Museums ( better than Ayasofya and Topkapi Palace, as it is not crowded and close to all museums )
  • Istanbul Archaeological Museums
  • Mobile sales units

As Real Istanbul Tours, in our Istanbul private tours, we provide Istanbul Museum Pass to our guests so after your Istanbul Tours with us, you can still visit some other museums and our all local guides will mention during your tour.

You should also check Istanbul museums opening hours before you start your adventure.



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    1. there are machines next to Museums that you can buy with credit card, also ticket offices sells with credit card and cash option, you can buy online too

  1. Definetely worth to get it, you can enter Hagiasophia and Topkapi Museum without entering

  2. I used 5 days Istanbul pass and definitely worth to have it, it saves money and time

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