Istanbul Gay Pride

Istanbul Gay Pride is an annual gay march and LGBT demonstration happens in Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul. The march happened for the first time in 2003, and then today is happening possibly the ultimate Sunday of June or the 1st Sunday of July of each year.  Attendees gather together in Taksim Square before marching the Istiklal Street which is one of the biggest pedestrian boulevard as well as one of Istanbul’s main public spots.

The biggest pride ever organized in Turkey happened on 30 June 2013. More than 100,000 protesters gathered in Taksim Square and organized the biggest pride march ever happened in a Muslim country also.

How The Gay Pride March Started

On June 28, 1969, a few gay clients were harassed by police at a famous gay pub, called Stonewall Inn. So they opposed and broke out a riot. The customers of the Stonewall Inn Bar were shortly joined by another gay women and men who begun jerking stuff at the policemen, chanting ” Power of Gay”

Police forces showed up and then dispersed the crowd, yet the following night, the protestors went back, larger than the day before, with numbers getting to over a thousand. For quite a while, protesters rioted outside the Stonewall Inn until the police dispatched a riot-control squad to break up the crowd. For days and nights following, demonstrations of different intensity happened all over the town.

On the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the 1st gay pride march happened in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and around the Stonewall Inn in NY. And today goes on all around the world.

 Istanbul Gay Pride 2017

The Annual march supporting transgender individuals was planned for 2016, was not allowed by the officials for safety reasons. It really doesn’ t seem the government will actually allow Istanbul Gay Pride march in 2017. We will update the recent information here related to Istanbul Gay Pride 2017.

Istanbul rainbow stairs

Is Homosexuality Legal In Turkey?

Homosexual activity hasn’t been illegal in Turkey after the foundation of Modern Republic of Turkey in 1923, yet there are simply no laws and regulations that defend gay and transgender Turks from discrimination.

Istanbul Gay Tours

Real Istanbul Tours is a member of IGLTA. All of our tour guides are gay-friendly. You can customize any Istanbul tours with our travel expert.


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