Istanbul – a place where history and culture meets

Istanbul, perhaps the most beautiful city of world has always been the ideal place to visit on vacations. Situated on the European and Asian side of the country, the city is an ideal location for those who are looking forward to a learning experience or those who simply enjoy the stunning beauty of this historical place. A home to many mosques and museums, tourism in Istanbul has been affected negatively due to the negatively portrayed image of Islamic countries.

Rising above the racial and prejudiced myths, Istanbul has attracted many a tourists to experience the exotic beauty of the cultural city. From the fresh rays of the sun to the cool breeze from the sea of Marmara, Istanbul has many beautiful locations that can make your trip worth exploring.

Places to visit in Istanbul

Starting from the mosques, Istanbul has a large number of beautifully crafted and creatively built sites  which are either mosques or had been worshipping sanctuaries once. Famous among them are the Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque and New Mosque. Apart from mosques there are a lot of churches that have now reached the status of a museum. Chora Church and Hagiasophia for instance, contains relics not only relating to the Christians, but Muslims as well.

Istanbul was formerly known as ‘The Constantinople’ and the city reflects upon its history by sporting souvenirs upon the four corners of its land. The sea of Marmara brought to the city the Greek, the Muslim and Spartan culture. The obelisk of  Theodosius and the Galata towers are just a few examples of the diversity of the cultures that once existed in Istanbul.

The huge city consists of many attractive places that simply cannot be covered without the aid of Tour guides. In fact the most sensible course of action of making the most of 39 districts a good guide is essential. Not only are you going to pick shorter routes, save time on traffic, but you will also get to know the history that you may not otherwise have time to read carved on the boards of the museum.

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