is it safe to go istanbul, turkey ?

The recent bomb attack by Isis in the Old Town in Istanbul has terrified the world. 10 Tourists from Germany died in the blast and this brought a big impact to Turkish tourism, which was the aim of the attack as well

Roughly 40 millions people visit Turkey yearly to enjoy turkey’ cuisine, history, culture, activities..etc and As local private tour guides of Real Istanbul Tours, we have been providing private tours to some of them for many years. Less than 30 of them had daily incidents.

In Our private and Group tours in istanbul, Most visitors says that they had concerns about the safety because of the headlines of Televisions, Newspapers. After they arrive in istanbul, they all say that they witness normal daily life of the Istanbul

Unfortunately lots of Terrorist Attacks are happening all around the world and all big cities in the world are under danger of Terrorist Attacks. Officals warns the people lives there and goes there.

The most important point: for any foreign visitor—indeed, for anyone in Turkey—the risk of harm from any sort of political or military event or violence is very low. You should avoid political demonstrations and borders such as the cities Hatay, Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir, Kilis…etc

Emre, Local Private Tour Guide in Istanbul

Real Istanbul Tours

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