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Hagia Sophia Hours

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Summer Season Schedule ( From April 15 to October 25 )
  • Visiting hours of Hagia Sophia Museum in the summer season are 9 am to 7 pm with the last access at 6 pm. Hagia Sophia hours.
Winter Season Schedule ( From October 25 to April 15 )
  • Visiting hours of Hagia Sophia Museum in the winter season are 9 am to 5 pm with the last access at 4 pm. Hagia Sophia hours
Hagia Sophia Museum Entrance Fee

 Hagia Sophia entrance fee is 40 Trl. If you considering to visit Topkapi Palace or other museums too. We recommend getting an Istanbul Museum Pass which will save your time and expenses.

When Is Hagia Sophia Open And When Is Hagia Sophia Closed?
  • From January 1, 2017, Hagia Sophia Museum will be closed to the visitors on Mondays and opens all other days. It just changed again and Hagia Sophia is open on Mondays until November 2017
  • And the First days of Ramadan and Sacrifice festivals, Hagia Sophia museum will be closed until 1 pm.
Best Time to Visit Hagia Sophia
  • The best time to visit Hagia Sophia is during the time of opening up at 9.00 am before cruises people appear
  • Another best time 1h before the last entry times. In winter season 3 pm, In summer time 5 pm

The most important thing have an Istanbul Museum Pass or an Istanbul private tour to skip the lines

Is Hagia Sophia A Mosque?  What Is Hagia Sophia Used For Today?

Hagia Sophia was constructed as a church. After the Istanbul was conquered by the Turks, it was converted into a mosque. Today Hagia Sophia is just a museum

What Does Hagia Sophia Mean?

Sophia signifies wisdom in Greek language and Hagia signifies holy Hence, Hagia Sophia means that ”holy wisdom”. Though, the church’s whole title in the Greek Language ”Hagias Tou Theou Sophias”can be translated as ”shrine of the holy of God”


Hagia Sophia hours




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