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Galata Tower that Ahmed Hazerfan Celebi took off in 17. century

If you see a long queue, welcome to Galata Tower.  Real Istanbul Tour’s one of the first stops is the Galata Tower which is my favorite place in Istanbul . if you want to climb to tower and see how stunning view it is you don’t have to wait this long queue. Because you are with our local guide. Real istanbul tour always offer some opportunities to visitors it can be little but it saves the moment . One of the main reasons why  visitors should spend time in Galata is that there are various kinds of beautiful and sweet cafes and boutique cafes with romantic lights. You can have such a dinner. It is possible to find a good places for a drink and having a nice cheat. Moreover, there are several legendary tales about Galata tower.  One of them is a love story between Galata and The Maiden’s tower. You can learn those stories  during the tour from our local guides.

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