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Istanbul is a special city with its own charm and character. Gives you a journey through its rich 10.000 year history starting from its founding, through the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, and up to modern day.

We, Real Istanbul Tours know vocations can be expensive so our local guides in istanbul have updated a list of free activities and ideas in istanbul that you may enjoy like a bird


Top 10 Free Things To Do In Istanbul


1- Learn About Islam in SultanAhmet Mosque ( Blue Mosque )

Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque

constructed in 1606 by Sultan Ahmed, Blue mosque is really an architectual gem. A must be in Istanbul. You will be required to remove your shoes and cover your head and shoulders upon entering the Mosque. Ladies, You will be given a shawl to use that you can turn in when you are done.

one important note, there are lots of scams happening around the mosque, so dont let anyone to help you. Such as letting you enter the mosque without getting in line

2- Witness the history of Ottomam Empire in Suleymaniye Mosque ( Suleyman the Magnificient )

suleymaniye mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque, Built with delicacy to the smallest detail during the reign of Suleyman the Magnificent by Master Architect is the biggest and largest mosque in istanbul. it is the mosque when you look from the golden horn that dominates the city skyline. Its patio provides an stunning wiev of Istanbul.

10 minutes walk from the Grand Bazaar

3- Find the Real Blue Mosque, Rustem Pasha Mosque


Rustem Pasha Mosque, another work of Master Architect Sinan is not easy to find but not tucked away from the Spice Bazaar. The interior is exquisitely decorated with Iznic ceramic tiles and definetely a worth to visit.

4- A visit to 15thC Shopping Mall Grand Bazaar ( Closed on Sundays )


with more than 4000 stores and 22 gates, Grand Bazaar has something for everyone to see and to appreciate. You can easily get lost but dont worry, remember the gate you enter and look for again when you finished your shopping.

Some Hints for shoppers; prices vary greatly from one shop to the next, so better to look around before you buy it. Never give impression that you liked the item that you want to buy. Dont afraid to bargain and to say no

5- Smell the Spices in Spice Bazaar ( Egyptian Bazaar )

misir car12

Spice Bazaar, also called Egyptian Market  is located in Eminonu. Smaller version of Grand Bazar but mainly offers a great range of spices and Turkish delights

6- Watch Istanbul From Ortakoy Square

ortakoy_mosque_2 (1)

It is where you can enjoy a different disdain of Istanbul, Remember to take your camer when you are on your way to Ortakoy Square. It is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, and open bazaars. Dont forget to eat baked potatoes.

7- Taksim Square and Istiklal Pedestrian Street ( Hustle and Bustle )


get a feeling of the city by sitting down in a bar in nevizade  and just looking at the locals walk by. There are several little restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy deserts and a nice hot cup of local tea.

8-  Enjoy your Turkish Tea in Gulhane Park


In the midst of bustling chaotic Istanbul, this park is a heaven of peace, with its tree-lined pathways, gloriously colourful flowerbeds, and shady canopy of green trees. Parakeets provide a cheerful backdrop. It is just a min walk from the Topkapi Palace


9- See the Most famous Turkish Painting ''Tortoise Trainer'' in Pera Museum


A private museums of Istanbul. They have great collection of Anatolian scales, ceramics and tiles, oil painting. 

one important note ; free of admissions only from 18:00 to 22:00 every Friday

10- Take a cable car and Enjoy Your Turkish Coffee in Pierre Loti Hill


Order your Turkish coffee and maybe read what did bring Pierre Lotti to Istanbul with looking this breath taking wiev of Golden Horn

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