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Do American Citizens Need a Visa For Turkey – US Citizen Need Visa For Turkey?

American Citizens need to have a visa to come in Turkey and You can get 3 month-multiple entry visas from Turkish Embassy in the USA and in other countries or the easiest way is via the website of

What is the fee of Visa for American Citizens? 

If you get your visa via the website of E-visa, Visa fee is 20 $

I have a Layover and Do I Need A Visa?

Yes even for layovers, You need to have a visa but if you already have a visa, it should last 3 months and let you enter multiple times. So you can use the same visa. You should get a visa online so you can pay less and not gonna waste your layover time at the airport. 

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Electronic Visa ( E-Visa )


The Electronic Visa ( e-Visa ) Application System started on 17 April 2013 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. The platform enables travelers visitingTurkey to efficiently have their e-Visas on-line ( ), in just about 3 minutes.
You are able to have e-Visa any time and anywhere with internet access. The applicants can purchase their visa once they submit the required details regarding their identity, passport, and the trip dates and pay visa fee on-line.

Please be aware that e-visa is just valid for the purpose of travel is tourism or trade. For any other reasons, including work and studying, visas are issued by Turkish Embassies or Consulates.

You should own a passport valid for a minimum of six months in consideration that from the date of visit Turkey.


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