The City Of Cats, Istanbul or Catstantinople    

Whoever has traveled to Istanbul can’t help but notice the existence of street cats—everywhere. 


The city is in love with its kitties. You’ll see very little rubber jars of food that folks have prepared for them. You’ll bump into very little cat shelters made to provide shelter in the course of storms. In lot of other cities, they’d be regarded as a pain and so handled in some odious method, yet Istanbul centers its efforts on taking care of them

street cats Istanbul

Why There Are So Many Cats in Istanbul

The reason why the cats are on almost every street of Istanbul today is that of Islam and the Ottoman Empire. As the Prophet Mohammed, by his statements and his actions, showed to treat cats almost like they were family members. As the story goes, The Prophet Muhammed wanted to wear his robe and go to prayer when he saw his cat, Muezza, sound asleep on the robe’s sleeve. Instead of just bothering his cat, Prophet Mohammed got a knife and cut the sleeve free, leaving behind his cat at its own peace. Islamic scholars have recorded that a “love of cats is part of the belief .”

The Sultans of Ottoman Empire believed that cats kept the city’s essential structures clean of vermin and clear of rats. Therefore the cats are everywhere in the city and almost like the owners of the city.

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