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Blue Mosque renovation 2017

“The Blue mosque is not going to be closed down to pray or guest visitors during the period of the renovation. In one of our other project, New Mosque next to Spice Bazaar, we utilized particular stuffs that isolates sound from the job that let the mosque open to worshippers during the renovation went on at the higher levels” told by Adnan Ertem, General Manager of the General Directorate of Foundations.

Blue Mosque renovation 2017

Legendary Blue Mosque, that is certainly  one of the most visited spot in Istanbul and even Turkey is going to go under a number of renovations, expected to take place over the course of three and a half years, and is going to be the most serious of its own form from the time when it was constructed in 17th Century, the officals confirmed on November 2016.

General Director of the institution Adnan Ertem declared that the pre-planning for the renovation of the Sultanahmet or Blue mosque already finalized, restoration is predicted to commence in the early spring of 2017.

Ertem stated that the they have finalized a great number of restoration assignments all across the Istanbul and Blue Mosque’s restoration is going to be their last one. He added Blue Mosque went under restoration around 30 years ago, yet the required under-ground job did not happen since then

He also noted that ”The groundwork of the mosque was at risk of humidity because of extensive underground water resources in the location. We shot x-rays of the land beneath the mosque and noticed that few difficulties with the emit of subterranean water and the effort is going to target getting rid of the problem”

”Rather than concentrating on particular points, the task targets to bring a complete cure. The freestone within and outside the mosque, in addition to the marble layer are going to be repaired, at the same time as the Iznik Tiles and supporting pilars are to be restored.”

”The restoration comprises of the replacing of the top lead cover on the mosque dome, the fortifying of the exterior marble overlays and the renovation of the drainage unit. Each of minarets is going to be restorated, as saving effort includes every every iznik Tiles in the mosque. The court-yard and restrooms are additionally repaired under the opportunity of the renovation.”

”Some Iznik cobalt blue ceramic tiles and entire areas of Quranic inscriptions on the walls had previously been stolen and nothing happened to adjust the stolen ones. We have now the permission to update with reproductions. We are going to have ones designed in an identical form used for the real ones.”

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